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Anitas Sanctuary now closed on Thursdays

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Anitas Sanctuary now closed on Thursdays

Post by Lake Chapala Dog Center on Sun Feb 09, 2014 9:48 pm

I was asked to post this:

This is an announcement to let people know that Anita is actually going to have a “day off” once a week. Actually, she will not be ‘off’ per say as her work never stops , but her Anita’s Animals sanctuary will now be closed [ to the public ] on Thursdays.
Anita’s Animals is open: Fridays through Wednesdays with open hours remaining: 9A – 2PM and 4P – 6PM, closed 2P – 4PM .

No, Anita is not closing.

No, Anita is not sick.

No, Anita is not eloping with a handsome rich prince from Bavaria.

No, Anita is not going on the road with a rock n’ roll band.

No, Anita is not leaving for Antarctica to open a sanctuary for penguins.

The simple fact is she is going to close the sanctuary to the public for one day a week so she can have a bit of rest and do things at her sanctuary [and her home] that she would like to get done .

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