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Coumadin(Warfarin) Shortage

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Coumadin(Warfarin) Shortage

Post by Chapalamed on Fri Aug 07, 2015 12:59 pm

I thought I would share this news and I hope it is only a short-term situation.

Several of my patients for the past 2 weeks have reported a shortage of Coumadin(Warfarin) at several Lakeside pharmacies.
They were told that it would be about 30 days before they got it back in stock. The clerks didn't know the reason for the shortage.

I went to about 3 pharmacies (Walmart, Farmacia Guadalajara & Benavides) in Guadalajara yesterday evening to inquire if they had any and none had it locally (Providencia area) in stock. They did have some at other branches but none close to those. The clerks
did mention that they did not know when they would be restocking them. I have not had the opportunity to contact any distributors and inquire about this situation. So, I cannot give any reasons for the shortage and the length of it.

I have temporarily switched my patients to other medications to keep them safe and prevent strokes, blood clots etc. until they restock it @Lakeside.

I recommend you see your doctor at least 5-7 days before you run out of your Coumadin in order to be managed appropriately and to prevent running any health-related risks.

Please plan accordingly.
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