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Post by Zedinmexico on Thu Nov 05, 2015 8:32 am

Picked up a couple of nice 14" HD screen, 4mb memory,  32gb SSD (electronic hard drive so you can move around unlike conventional HDs) with eight hour battery and very good WIFI  HP Chromebooks for traveling.   Love them so far.  Best part is my technically questionable wife (I asked her if I could say that after all she was a Lawyer) was able to hook up to all her google accounts without my help.  Very simple and elegant machines.  Yes much they can't do compared to a PC or Mac but it does what we need to on the internet. Anybody else got some information or knowledge to share? We are going to add a 64GB mini SD card to move data around. Do we format it before use??  

If you hate computers ( or have a friend or relative who can't grok PCs) you might want to look at one of these.  If you have Gmail four questions and the machine runs.   1.)Language 2.)Keyboard 3:) hook up to WIFI with SSID and password.  4.)Click on Gmail and put in account and password and you are done.  Do understand the limitations by googling on Chromebooks but it has a surprising amount of applications on it. It does require internet access to really be usefull.  I think of it as an Internet terminal or thin client for those who understand these terms.


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Re: Chromebooks....

Post by SunshineyDay on Thu Nov 05, 2015 10:58 pm

Z if it works without formatting then the answer is no.

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