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Converting Youtube to MP3

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Converting Youtube to MP3

Post by ferret on Tue Aug 30, 2016 10:37 am

I've been putting together a slide show of photos for my hubby's Celebration of Life in September. It's a combo of digital photos and very old photos that I scanned into my laptop. And it really works well (in windows) if you organize the photos on your desktop and then put them into a file in that order.
I knew the music that I wanted in the background (found it on Youtube) but didn't know how to get it onto a loop to be played in the background.
Then I went googling and found this converter which works like a charm...

So now I'm pigging out on memories to great background music on a loop.

Thought I'd pass this on since there are others (CarryBean comes to mind) who are doing similar things. We've come a long way since making collages of photos on a
large board for those who have passed away in celebration of their lives. You can even burn the photos to a disc for everyone who wants a copy.

Hope someone can benefit from my experience. Salud!
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