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Different plans for my smart phone.

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Different plans for my smart phone.

Post by Clueless on Sat Dec 17, 2016 2:38 pm

I'm still not sure how/why my smart phone keeps eating up time, but now I want some input on diffdent plans.

I'm using Moviestar right now and for $50 per month I get something. I say "something" because I don't understand how it really works other than the word "Unlimited" is always being tossed at me. The $50 is for a month -- so far.

I was told that another carrier (Maybe Telcel) has a plan for two years for $3,000 pesos which is $125 per month. Here is what I don't understand; the plans talk about "megabits" and and I don't know what that relates to or how I can calculate it into time.

75% of the time I'm using the phone to check/reply to emails and the other 25% to read the news when I'm sitting around waiting for something. So how many megabtes or whatever do I need to be able to check and reply to emails.

I'm also told that Moviestar doesn't have that good coverage in Mx. I want to Dolores Hidalgo and that's where I must have run out of time. I made some calls and got a message about "Conditional Forwarding" being active.

So who has experience with a plan that would help me.

As an aside, it's really interesting that to sign up for a plan, I need as much identification as opening a bank account. They're not happy just to take my money it seems.

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