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Hal Weiss

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Re: Hal Weiss

Post by Trailrunner on Mon Jan 02, 2017 7:55 am

That's excellent! They are jumping right on it.
Yes, it will be hell for him for awhile but the pay off will be huge and he may even get back to baseline. He'll probably want to give up more than once, but keep reminding him of the light at the end of the tunnel and any and all progress he makes as he moves along through PT. He'll get Speech Therapy too, right?
Put pictures of you, the animals, the ranch, and his life up in his room where he can see them all the time, bring his favorite music and play it for him, leave it on when you leave. Maybe bring the dogs if possible, keep showing him what he's working so hard to get back for he needs to see the goals. Yes, it's good that he's fit and probably has good muscle memory.
I've seen medical miracles with my own eyes, Kip, believe in them it can happen to Hal.

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Re: Hal Weiss

Post by shana on Mon Jan 02, 2017 10:53 am

Hi Kip,
I tried to pm you the other day but it would not go through.
I wish you and Hal well. If Hal has already moved forward as much as you have told us in such a short time he has a good chance for a good future.
Keep us iin the loop.

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Re: Hal Weiss

Post by kipissippi on Mon Jan 02, 2017 11:31 am

I found the thingamabob for the Prius..thank heavens... I thought I was looking for some kind of card... finally saw a picture of it on

They woke me up this morning at 8:30 to tell me that I need to pick Hal up andd take him to Oxford by TEN. It's a half hour to the hospital and about and hour to the new hospital.. I had't even gotten dressed yet let alone taken care of all the critters and milked the cow. The critters would have to wait.

Got down there as fast as I could.. the Prius is a "get up and goer." It turns out that they aren't sure he's steady enough on his feet to go by car. So he's going by ambulance and I zoom back home to take care of the critters and relieve poor Anget of all that milk. Her calf can't come close to taking enough to keep her comffortable.

After I get everybody taken care of ..I'll take off for the hospital in Oxford. Takes twice as long as the one in New Albany...glad I found the "start thing" for the Prius. I promised to bring him some strawberries with sour cream and cocoa palm sugar (like brown sugar but better for you.)

Just got a call that he's not strong enough yet for a three hour session so the're keeping him there for a few more days. He picked a crappy time to have a stroke. The therapist got Friday and Monday off because of the Holidays. Damn. Four days without. I don't like it.
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Re: Hal Weiss

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