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Post by slainte39 on Thu May 18, 2017 9:49 pm

Buying a new printer and I'm looking at a laser printer, Brother brand.
Any comments about this particular machine from the more knowledgeable tech informed people on this board?

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Re: Printer

Post by scooterbum on Sat May 20, 2017 2:42 pm

I recently purchased a Brother laser printer - model MFCL2720 from Amazon Mexico. I had a Brother laser printer for 8 years when living NOB - never had a problem with it. I did shop for one in Guadalajara with no success so I ended up buying it online.


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Re: Printer

Post by Clueless on Wed May 24, 2017 8:32 pm

What was the delivered cost?

You can get a Brother laser, all-in-one, NOB for US$130 delivered and new.

When it comes to replacing the "starter" cartridge, that's another story. The starter cartridge gives about 500 pages.

Refilling on your own is the best solution IMO, but you do need to get a flag gear setup.

You can see it done on youtube. Easy.
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Re: Printer

Post by DaveP on Tue May 30, 2017 8:15 am

After using laser printers for about 20 years in Canada for my tax prep business I ended up with a huge Canon Image Class network printer, the type used by copy centres. By that time I had used many different printers, some good, some bad and some in between.
The problem I found with Brother printers was that the drums do not last very long and they are quite expensive to replace.
Last year I was looking for a replacement for my cheap Samsung home type laser printer and I spent some time researching the various models available.
After looking at many I decided to get a small office/home office model. They are more durable than the bottom of the line models.
Then I looked for the various options I wanted. Print, scan, copy, fax. (I use fax to Canada regularly especially now it is free).
I settled on an Canon Image Class MF227DW. It provided all I wanted plus it had built in duplex capability and it was a network printer so (wireless is useless) it can be used from anywhere in the house we have a signal from the modem. It cost just under 3000 pesos delivered via Amazon Mexico or about 160 USD at today's rates.
I am at about 5000 copies now and expect to add another 4-5000 this year.
I get my toner on Mercado Libre. Cost is from 350-500 pesos per cartridge. These re-manufactured cartridges are guaranteed to work and delivery is usually free. I tend to use a lot of toner as my printing is usually closer to 15% per page rather than the 5% they use to calculate cartridge output.
BTW. The scanner is awesome with a 25 page feed capacity.

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Re: Printer

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