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US Consulate Article

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US Consulate Article

Post by Intercasa on Mon Jul 18, 2011 6:11 pm

Please advise if anything needs to be corrected...

Will be at

The US Consulate is located in downtown Guadalajara (Progreso #175, Colonia Americana near Chapultepec). The US Consulate does make visits to the Chapala area the first Wednesday of each month provided that day doesn’t fall on a US or Mexican Federal holiday.

The consulate offers passport and notary services. They first arrive to Chapala from about 9:30am to 10:00am at the American Legion located at Morelos #114. They then go to the Lake Chapala Society in Ajijic located at 16 de Septiembre #16-A from about 10:15am until 1:00pm.

All you need to do to renew your passport is to arrive on site with your old passport and money to pay, there are people to (for a fee) help prepare and print the application as well as take the passport photos.

Please note that they are no longer accepting cash for passport and notary services and you must pay by traveler’s check so prepare ahead of time and go to Bancomer or Banamex in order to purchase traveler’s checks but they do require you to present your passport in order to buy the traveler’s checks and supposedly there is no fee. You must pay in pesos to buy the US Dollar denomination traveler’s checks. Others have stated that Multiva and HSBC also sell traveler’s checks but may charge you a fee.

Passports usually are ready and brought by the consulate staff on their visit the following month. You can pick up your passport at the consulate if you need it quicker or at times they can send it to you by courier for an extra fee. The quickest we have seen them issue them is 2 weeks although they say it can be done faster for certain emergencies.

Please note that many countries require at least 6 months left on a passport so you may want to think about renewal 9 months before your expiration date.

Current US Passport Fees (as of July 18, 2011) are as follows:

New Adult Passport Book $135.00US
Renewal Adult Passport Book $110.00US
Minors New Passport Book $105.00US (Please note that for children under 16 both parents must be present or have a notarized letter from absent parent and MUST go to Guadalajara)
Minors Renewal Passport Book $105.00US (Please note that for children under 16 both parents must be present or have a notarized letter from absent parent and MAY still have to go to Guadalajara & Original Birth Certificate required)
Other fee may apply for a lost / stolen passport of $25.00US

Notary services cost $50.00US and you must have valid picture ID in order to have them notarize a document. “There is no fee to notarize US Government documents.”

Meeting with the consulate representatives in the Chapala is much easier than going to the consulate in Guadalajara due to the increased security measures where you cannot bring in makeup, food, your car keys, etc. as well as the wait can be as much as a few hours.

The US Consulate no longer provides Social Security assistance on their visits but instead directs people to call 01-800-SSA-MEXICO (01-800-772-6394) or email to obtain information.

For Tourist Visas to Visit the United States you must go to the consulate in Guadalajara or do the application and other procedures online first, you cannot make an application or appointment for a tourist visa to visit the US at the local visits by the consulate.

US Consulate Guadalajara web site:
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