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"THE" NEW HOSPITAL - RBC (Ribera Medical Center)

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Re: "THE" NEW HOSPITAL - RBC (Ribera Medical Center)

Post by Trailrunner on Thu Nov 16, 2017 7:52 am

One of my instructors, a Stanford ER doc, coded at a lecture he was presenting back east somewhere. Just dropped dead at the podium in front of a couple hundred doctors. This man was a real jerk and an arrogant instructor. Half the auditorium leapt on stage and started working him, EMS was there instantly, he was a save and came home with a pacemaker. I saw him a couple of weeks after the episode and he was humble, kind to his patients, much easier to work with, and the staff had something to snicker about for months afterward. Karma.

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Re: "THE" NEW HOSPITAL - RBC (Ribera Medical Center)

Post by CanuckBob on Thu Nov 16, 2017 8:57 am

Yeah, how about if some whackjob shoots the president of the NRA at one of their conventions. Now that would be sweet irony......

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unnecessary procedures

Post by Dr. Ayax on Wed Dec 13, 2017 6:08 pm

Lady Otter Latté wrote:I thought angioplasty (with or without insertion of stents) and pacemakers were the unnecessary medical scam of choice. If you are steered to a cardiologist by your friendly GP and they “discover” a very serious problem requiring the need for immediate angioplasty and/or pacemaker you may be the lucky winner of the Bilk The Gringo Sweepstakes. You will be told you could die if you leave the hospital so opting for a second opinion is a difficult decision. And, besides you’re there with your GP who you like and trust.  So, it would seem like the stent/pacemaker scam would be much more successful and lucrative than an unnecessary gall bladder removal.

I completely agree with you.....

Cardiology healthcare is similar, our medical team is arriving to give a second opinion about expensive interventions

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Re: "THE" NEW HOSPITAL - RBC (Ribera Medical Center)

Post by Sponsored content

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