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Temporary Vehicle Permit & Deposit

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Temporary Vehicle Permit & Deposit

Post by CheenaGringo on Fri Mar 16, 2012 5:38 pm

While I have read recent reports of people getting their deposits back in rapid fashion when turning in their permits, here is a first person report that throws a new twist into the equation:

I crossed the border a week ago and turned in my car sticker, hoping to get the refund of $400.00 I paid last fall returned to me. I spent 3 hours arguing about it and was sent from the Columbia crossing back in to the Laredo crossing and got the same information. I had a very nice gentleman with the Aduana who spoke perfect English helping me so I think I understand what they were telling me, although I don't like it.

So, the deal with the $400 at the border is this. They have figured out a way to keep almost everyone's money I think.

If you return the sticker after the expiration date on the sticker/paper it came off of, you forfeit the money. If you got the extension letter, like I did in Morelia, it says on the letter (in the sentence after your new expiration date) that you agree to forfeit the money to get the extension, so you lose it that way too. The only benefit I see is that if you get the extension letter, you stand a chance of keeping the idiots in Morelia from confiscating your car if they stop you.

This should only be a problem for those of us who actually PAID the money in the past year. If you recall, before last year you just put up a bond by giving them your credit card information.

Also, if you don't have to turn in your sticker, don't !!! I had to because my FM3 will expire while I'm in the USA. Based on the rule that your sticker is good if your FM3 is good, if I had gotten stopped on the way back down, my sticker was expired. If your coming North and your FM3/FM2 will still be good when you return, DON"T turn it in!!!

Since this is a first person report, I am inclined to believe it. What this person appears to be saying is that the Aduana letter does not extend the expiration date for the return of one's deposit.

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