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More bureaucracy if you renew FM2/FM3 late

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More bureaucracy if you renew FM2/FM3 late

Post by Intercasa on Fri Aug 24, 2012 5:02 pm

So as of this week if you renew your FM2 or FM3 late you will need to request a hearing with the head immigration guy to explain why you were late. We will charge more for late people and so will many as here are the steps which is about 7 stops, so if you don't want to pay higher fees then please don't renew late.

Turn in all complete paperwork for late renewal (includes 3 months translated bank statements and utility bill)
Wait for response and go pick up notification with fine amount
Pay fine at bank
Turn in payment slip to immigration
Get a date for the hearing with the immigration officer to explain why you renewed late.
Go to the hearing
Pay the renewal fee at the bank
Wait for the notification and bring your new photos and pick up your new FM2 / FM3
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