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Portable solar panel system for rented house??

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Portable solar panel system for rented house??

Post by Zedinmexico on Sat Jan 26, 2013 9:39 am

Am looking at a system that I can put on my roof and move from house to house.
Have built three systems in past.

80watt old ARCO panels (cut cylinder, very old) to supply ham shack with juice in back yard.

240watt Kyrocera/blue sky controller mounted on rubber mounts on roof of Nissan Titan to run Vaccine freezer with off road vehicle.

33watt system using Kyrocera and morning star 20 controller.

So I have no experience with inverters to make AC to run meter backwards. My experience is with 12/24/48 volt DC to charge batteries.

Things I am worried about.

How to mount without having panel overheat or blow away without penetrating roof?
Sandbags with ropes to panels off roof for cooling for example.

Should I use glass or plastic since it can be moved?
Plastic is safer. My unisolar panel is pretty tough.

If plastic do they make affordable panels in plastic still?
Did plastic stay expensive and glass become cheap?

Any good primer on AC inverters since I have never had one?
I know nothing about inverters other than what they do.

Any body else done this ??

Thank you for any information.


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