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LED lighting from STI Solar Technology

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LED lighting from STI Solar Technology Empty LED lighting from STI Solar Technology

Post by Go Solar Thu Nov 14, 2013 3:35 pm

Hola, friends and valued clients, ladies and gentlemen of the web board.

STI Solar Technology now has another great way to help you save $$, while improving your home & quality of life.

Long Life LED lighting, direct to you, with great quality and pricing.    Perfect timing as the days get a bit shorter....

Currently available:   7 watt LED bulbs (approx like a 60 watt incandescent in brightness, with 90% less energy use), standard lamp base.    (we also have much larger and powerful yard and street lights, with solar charging and built-in lithium ion batteries)

Choices for the LED bulbs:  "Warm White" (nice for kitchens, bathrooms, most living spaces)  "Pure White" (suited to workshops and outdoor, yard, & street lighting) and "Daylight" (cold, blue-white) are available.  

Price:   175 pesos each, incl IVA.  
Volume pricing available for 100+ orders.

Features & Benefits:

  • 50,000 hour life:   Lasts 5x longer than fluorescent (CFL) bulbs,  and uses 50% less power than fluorescent bulbs of the same brightness (90% savings compared to incandescent or halogen)
    No need to frequently buy and change bulbs as you have been doing.    So they pay for themselves in both $$ and less work - AND you get the energy savings too.
    Not sensitive to cold, moisture, orientation (use in any direction) or vibration, or voltage fluctuations, and they don't heat up.    
    DIMMABLE, using standard dimmer controls, and with no flickering.
    6 month warranty

WE SELL DIRECT:   As many of you already know, we feature top quality products, with no retail overhead.  

Where:  For small amounts, starting next week, visit the new & tasty Chopsticks eatery on the 2nd floor of Plaza Bugambilias.   Wed to Sat, 11 to 5.    Betty & Quy will have them there.

Contact us (email below) directly for larger orders, and to learn more about how we can help you save money and add value to your home on solar electric, solar hot water, pool & hot tub water scale prevention.....and much more.

ron (at)    (substitute the "@" for the "at", trying to keep the spam bots at bay)
Go Solar
Go Solar
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