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Dentist Dra. Candy-Excellent- Dec. and Jan. Special

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Dentist Dra. Candy-Excellent- Dec. and Jan. Special Empty Dentist Dra. Candy-Excellent- Dec. and Jan. Special

Post by sm1mex on Tue Dec 10, 2013 2:55 pm

Dra. Candy was referred to me by friends and I visited her for my teeth cleaning. She has this wonderful camera that shows your teeth on a big t.v. screen on the ceiling. I never knew how chipped and cracked my teeth were with many vertical fissures inside the teeth. She has replace a crown that had a hole in it, that I didn't know, and she is putting 6 veneers on my front 6 teeth that are badly chipped. She also whitened my teeth yesterday.

She has a special this December and January for teeth cleaning and whitening for 1700 pesos.
She has state of the art equipment and does not chit chat with her assistant while working on you. You are the one she is concentrating on the whole time you are there. All of her staff speak fluent English.
Her office is located in the breezeway in Riberas where Mom's restaurant used to be.
Anyone interested in contact information I will be glad to give it.
She is a keeper.

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