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Just in Time for Spring Planting

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Just in Time for Spring Planting Empty Just in Time for Spring Planting

Post by Sunnyvmx on Sun Jan 19, 2014 6:40 am

The new Garden Store in Riberas ordered Peat Moss for me instead of the Spaghnum Moss I requested. If you are looking to improve soil for gardening or your compost, Peat Moss is a super additive. The store is located
1/2 blk. east of San Pablo and 1/2 blk. west of the 7/11 in a red painted storefront off the carretera. Virginia is willing to order for you. Her English is limited, but she tries. Her email is excellent. The store also carries pest insecticides and fertilizer. I'm hoping with more business she will succeed and expand.
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