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Holistic / Alternative Medicine - Yoga, Meditation, etc.

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Holistic / Alternative Medicine - Yoga, Meditation, etc. Empty Holistic / Alternative Medicine - Yoga, Meditation, etc.

Post by jrae1983 on Wed Aug 20, 2014 7:33 am


I am so grateful to have come across this website. I've lived for many years in Yucatan with my family, and we are moving to the Chapala area in about 2 weeks.

My husband and I have owned and operated a retreat center for alternative medicine, yoga, meditation, therapy, etc for the last many years.

We'll be practicing and offering our services privately in the area. Where would you recommend we should visit? Are there any great places in the area that you would recommend. Not really for employment at all, just to connect with like minded individuals.

Looking forward to your expert advice :)

Warmest Regards, and very much looking forward to moving to your neck of the woods,



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