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El Informador warning of fishing email

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El Informador warning of fishing email Empty El Informador warning of fishing email

Post by papa chango on Mon Oct 19, 2015 9:16 am

Telmex mail alert stealing false data
Today 8:45 pm
Only looking to steal information from users, warn

MEXICO CITY (19 / Oct / ​​2015) .- Telmex informed its customers about fake emails that are sent on behalf of the company and seek only to steal user information. "They're false mails circulating on the Internet on behalf of Telmex, in order to steal personal information. These emails seeking your attention with messages such as "Check your receipt Telmex online", "Your debt exceeds $ 10,000.00". This file contains a malicious program that downloads malicious software that steals your information "Telmex said in a message sent to its customers. The company warned that in the emails you send are not attached attachments and recommended that when a message is received the user to verify that the sender is Telmex . Similarly asked its customers installing antivirus on their computer and when accessing the page Internet company this is the official: . "Do not use rubber bands to enter the service of My Telmex, always do it by typing the address directly into the portal Your browser, "the company asked its users.
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