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2nd Feria de la Capirorada

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2nd Feria de la Capirorada

Post by gvprod on Fri Feb 19, 2016 10:41 am

The second annual Feria de la Capirotada will be held Sunday March 13th at the plaza in Ajijic. Come and sample many different types of Capirotada.
What is Capirotada? It is a sweet dish made with toasted bread, sugar,raisens, cheese and other secret ingredients. It is only made during lent.
This is a non profit event. Prizes are donated by local merchants and restaurants. There is no admission cost.
If you would like to donate a prize you may call me at 331 706 1234. Last year we gave away more then 8000.00 pesos in prizes.

Come and have a fun afternoon 3 to 8 at the plaza.
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