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Chapala refused Transfer of Car Title to Non Permanent Person

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Chapala refused Transfer of Car Title to Non Permanent Person

Post by cajunman on Sun Aug 14, 2016 2:58 am

An attempt to change ownership of a Mexican plated vehicle,( that was approved in Jan 2016 to a Mexican Person)., This attempt was to a non permanent person resulted in being refused , because the person was not a Permanent  resident status.   We were initially escorted into a separate room (one seller w/husband & one buyer w/wife).   The man looked at all documents & stated everything was in order , transfer of title could not be done, because the Buyer was not a Permanent Resident of Mexico.

I inquired if there had been a legal change , and his response (in Espanol) was, "Yes, about two months ago" .  The seller was Mexican & clarified the response.

We left Chapala and in Jocotopec the Transfer of Title took about 20 minutes, after presenting same documents.  This is the second incidence of this type for Me.

I Suspect this office has the same attitude toward "Expatriots" as IMSS in Chapala.   I have been to IMSS Clinics in several other cities & have always been treated very nice.

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