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Mexican moonshine Laws – Home Distilling laws Mexico

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Mexican moonshine Laws – Home Distilling laws Mexico

Post by RichD on Wed Mar 01, 2017 3:55 pm

Artisanal alcoholic beverage production is a very popular practice in Mexico nowadays. Among the most consumed artisanal alcoholic drinks, beer and wine are much appreciated. Beer is one of the most consumed alcoholic drinks in the country, whilst wine isn’t as popular as beer but still liked by a big number of people.

All the activities related to artisanal brew and distillation in Mexican territory are totally legal as long as the final product is for personal consumption only. When someone wants to produce artisanal alcoholic drinks or alcohol for their sold, they have to ask for several permits because if not, the activity would be illegal. Some home distilling laws have to be followed.

The first step to produce alcoholic drinks in order to sell them is registered as a commercial person in a notary’s public office. After that, you have to register in the Service Tax Administration and at last, you have to apply for the permits to your state authorities.

Moonshine laws and permits necessaries to commercialize artisanal beverages can vary and depend on of each state and region in Mexico. The most common permits are a space use permit, alcohol seller license, a manufacturer license, etc.
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