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Local Attorney Scam

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Local Attorney Scam Empty Local Attorney Scam

Post by Intercasa on Sat Aug 05, 2017 2:45 pm

So it has come to my attention that certain people working with local government are doing work on court cases for "free" only charging court fees. People have paid $10,000 pesos or more for amparos to be filed.

Here in Mexico the courts do not charge any filing or other fees (only fees to be paid would be for translators, appraisers, etc named by the court or presented to rebut any testimony or reports by other named experts).

Article 17 of the Mexican Constitution states:

"Toda persona tiene derecho a que se le administre justicia por tribunales que estarán expeditos para impartirla en los plazos y términos que fijen las leyes, emitiendo sus resoluciones de manera pronta, completa e imparcial. Su servicio será gratuito, quedando, en consecuencia, prohibidas las costas judiciales."

My English translation:

"Every person has the right to have justice administered to them by the courts which shall do so freely in the times and terms set by law, issuing their rulings promptly, completely and impartially. Their services shall be free with a prohibition against court fees.

So if anybody says they are working for free and you are paying court costs then that is not true and they are pocketing all the money as the court is prohibited from charging anything. No charitable work happening. With new technologies you can present amparos online and from your cell phone, I presented one yesterday from the comfort of my office in 2 minutes without need to make multiple copies, drive, park or deal with traffic.
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