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Kudzu Empty Kudzu

Post by espíritu del lago on Tue Aug 29, 2017 7:07 pm

"In a recent randomised placebo-controlled trial of 17 heavy-drinking American men, for example, they found that taking kudzu cut alcohol consumption by between 34% and 57%.
Intrigued, we decided to test kudzu in the wild, so to speak, with a group of Brits.
So we recruited a group of volunteers from Reading willing to have two nights out in the name of science.
Two hours before starting we gave them pills - some got kudzu extract, others a placebo (a harmless sugar pill). None of them knew which they had just taken.
Then we allowed them access to the bar for 90 minutes, during which time they could have their fill of beer, wine or spirits. We were, of course, closely but surreptitiously monitoring how much and how quickly they drank."
Posted for entertainment purposes, and or for people  who may be interested.
If this of no interest feel free to put me on ignore, if not close topic.
espíritu del lago
espíritu del lago
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