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This was a first for me.

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This was a first for me. Empty This was a first for me.

Post by Clueless Sat Sep 23, 2017 3:11 pm

Simple flight..... LAX to GDL

Depart 015 (15 past midnight)

I arrive LAX just before 2200, Got to gate easy.

Started reading book" "Orange is the New Black."

I see the sign above counter saying "Boarding." Boarding? No one has called.

After 10 minutes, sign says "Last Call." Nothing.

Finally, Says "CLOSED."

Announcement" Flight will be delayed an hour. An hour comes and goes.

Announcement: Delayed another hour. Hour comes and goes.

Announcement: Found a faulty part -- Getting it installed. Will update.

People pissed.

Announcement:2-3 hours later. Part couldn't be found, another one being flown in from Mexico City.

People really pissed.

Two airport police and FIVE LAPD show up. Sust standing around

Ladies at counter are giving out free soft drinks/water/muffins.

Announcement: Can't find the part in Mexico City. Ladies giving out food vouchers ($15.00 each).

Announcement: Airline is sending a "Rescue Plane" from Mexico City to take us to LAX.

Rescue flight arrives about 0900 and departs 0944.

Airline ladies were great. They pulled an all-nigher and held their cool.

Before we left, I passed them a note complimenting them.

I got a return note that it's passengers like me that make it worth the worth while, and a kiss (on the cheek).

Before we landed, airline has sent an email: "Sorry about that people. We know your time is valuable so you're getting credit or the cost of the slight that you can use for the same route; it's a new amount (base price less taxes, fees, etc.)

FYI, as a matter of U.A. law, airlines are not required to pay anything to passengers when flight delayed, only if on tarmac for over four hours.

Kudos to Interjet.

Stay tuned for my next story when I bought a suitcase at Goodwill and the "Easter egg" I found in it.

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