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Mexican Customs Broker to Handle Columbia Crossings

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Mexican Customs Broker to Handle Columbia Crossings Empty Mexican Customs Broker to Handle Columbia Crossings

Post by Ezzie on Wed Nov 08, 2017 2:35 pm

As a result of my most recent entry into Mexico with a small cargo trailer of goods, it was necessary to get a broker to prepare the electronic documentation for Aduana. If you have a lot of goods you are bringing in such as used household or personal items that do not have valuations and for which you have no receipts, Aduana will likely insist you get a broker. They do not want to waste their time unloading or inspecting trailers, pickup truck loads, haggling over determining a valuation, etc.

The smart way to do this is send your list and estimated valuations (sort of a Menaje de Casa type format) to the broker in advance so they can have your electronic paperwork prepared in advance and ready for Aduana at your time of arrival. I asked the broker if it would be OK to provide their contact information to others who may need a service like this and he consented. I have no affiliation or financial interest in this firm but am merely providing it for your information. I obtained their assistance for a recent entry because I could not find a broker in Laredo who was interested in dealing with small non-commercial shipments of low value. Here is the contact info:

Flores Molina Agencia Aduanal S.C.
Lerdo de Tejada #1006
Entre Mina y Gutierrez
Colonia Centro
Nuevo Laredo, Tamaulipas C.P. 88000
Tel# (867) 713-6011
Atencion: Angel Rojas - email: angel.rojas<at> (Speaks fairly good English) or Lucila Lozano - email:

They also have a relationship with a freight forwarder in Laredo if you need to ship goods to a US address and then bring them from there on across using your own transport.

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