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The best/worst "creative" iea I have seen to try to get pesos.

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The best/worst "creative" iea I have seen to try to get pesos.

Post by Clueless on Thu Jan 11, 2018 2:01 pm

About a year or so at the stop light in Chapala right by Soriana, there was a couple. One was wearing what was trying to look like a catheter bag with a tube going into it from under his/her cloths. There was a yellow liquid in the bag. Whichever one wore the bag was helped/supported by the other.

Clearly, neither knew about physics and that the bag, if legitimate, had to be below the bladder, so the tube that went someplace well above the bladder, wouldn't work unless it was siphoning the liquid.

This couple lasted, off-and-on, for a year or son.

What was the best creative ploy you have seen?
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