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The Barber

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The Barber Empty The Barber

Post by DaveP Tue Sep 04, 2018 6:02 am

A bloke goes into the Barbers, the Barber is in a mood and a right miserable git
He sits down and the Barber says "Going on holiday then"?
The guy replies "Yes ,me and the wife are going to Rome", the Barber says "I wouldn't bother mate, we went last month and it was shit, who are you flying with Al Italia"?
The guy replies "Yes"
The Barber says "We flew with them ,they were shit, I bet you're going to the Vatican to see the Pope as well"?
The guy replies "Yes, me and the wife are devout Catholics"
The Barber says "I knew it ,so predictable, me and the wife went there, it was shit"
A couple of months go by and one morning the bloke walks into the Barbers,the Barber recognises him and says "You're the guy who went to Rome, shit isn't it"?
The guy replies "Actually it was wonderful, the weather, people and the food were all fabulous"
"What about Al Italia, they're shit aren't they"? said the Barber
"Actually we got upgraded and the flight was great" replies the guy
"How was the Vatican then? I bet it was shit" asks the Barber
The guy replies "Actually it was brilliant, the Swiss Guard came out and selected me and the wife and ten other people for a private audience with His Holiness, we were taken into his private study, where we held prayers and then the Pope laid his hand on our heads and blessed us"
The Barber asks "Did he say anything to you"?
The guy said "Yes, he said "Who the hell cut your hair? it's fucking shit!!..
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The Barber Empty Re: The Barber

Post by slainte39 Tue Sep 04, 2018 9:53 am

You did again Dave........... lol!

It's too early to  be laughing.

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