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A bass is a bass ... kinda.

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A bass is a bass ... kinda. Empty A bass is a bass ... kinda.

Post by oncesubtle Tue Oct 23, 2018 9:56 pm

Some time ago there was a discussion on 'Florida' Largemouth Bass vs Black Bass in Lake Chapala. Below: An interesting read for anyone who cares.

Fish Species known as The Black Bass Family...

There are 6 fish species of bass in the genus micropterus which is basically a fancy name for the black bass family. With in this group is included the Largemouth, Smallmouth, Spotted, Redeye, Guadalupe and the Suwannee bass. A bit wider spread and you will discover that the bass is a member of the larger sunfish family.

The fish species known as the black bass family is interesting in that the smallest at 12 inches rarely grow to more then a pound. Where as the Largemouth can grow to more then 20 pounds. The bass has a life span of more then 10 years. There are thoughts that in the northern stretches of the bass range that the life span may reach 16 years or more. There are 2 different strains of the Largemouth Bass. The northern largemouth and the Florida largemouth. The Florida largemouth grows much larger and faster then the northern strain. Although the appearance of these bass is almost unidentifiable the Florida largemouth has smaller scales. The Florida largemouth originally found only in the Florida Peninsula they are now stocked in several other southern states.

The Largemouth Bass

The Largemouth Bass is by far the most popular fish species in this family. They grow to be the biggest and are the most wide spread of all the bass in this family. The Largemouth Bass is characterized by the greenish to brown color with a black or dark back. They have a whiter and lighter color belly then their cousins. The horizontal band that runs the length of the fish is dark and very distinctive. The jaw also tells this fish apart from the others by running to a point past the rear of the eye.

The Largemouth has the same five senses as most other game fish. Sight, sound, smell, taste and the lateral line. The Largemouth Bass uses each of these different senses to different degrees depending mostly on the water clarity and environment that they live in. There are 4 main time periods during the spawn that are important to know. Pre pre-spawn, pre-spawn, spawn and post spawn. If you take stock of these 4 main time periods and determine what stage the fish are in, you can have very successful days no matter what the water temp is or where the fish are at.

The Smallmouth Bass

The Smallmouth Bass is also a very popular fish species in the black bass family. They grow rather large but not as large as the Largemouth and are not as widespread. The Smallmouth Bass is characterized by its deep green to bronze coloring. The are commonly known as bronze backs due to their coloring. They have dark vertical lines that are almost shaped like diamonds that run the length of their body. The jaw does not extend past the middle of the eye.

The Spotted Bass

The Spotted Bass is a bit more rare but still a highly sought after memeber of this fish species family. They grow strong but not as large as the Largemouth Bass and are not as widespread. The Spotted Bass has a light greenish color and a darker back. The have a dark lateral band that is mostly irregular blotches. The scales below the lateral line each have a “spot” on them and thus their name the Spotted Bass. The jaw is shorter then a Largemouth Bass but longer then a Smallmouth Bass and runs almost to the rear of the eye.

The Redeye Bass

The Redeye Bass is an even more rare member of this fish species family. They get their name from the distinctive red eyes. The sides and back have a brownish tint to them and are covered with dark blotches. There is no apparent lateral line and the rear fins appear to be a reddish color. The jaw extends nearly to the rear of the eye.

The Guadalupe Bass

The Guadalupe Bass is very rare. They are greenish in color and have a separate dark blotchy lateral line. They look like the Spotted Bass with the spotted scales below the lateral line but the greenish color extends lower onto the body. The jaw on this fish also runs to the rear of the eye.

The Suwannee Bass

The Suwannee Bass is even more rare. The Suwannee rarely grows to more then 12 inches in length and is by far the smallest of the family. The fish has dark blotches for lateral lines. The cheeks, breast and belly are a bright turquoise color. There is a very distinct black spot at the base of the tail and the jaw runs to the rear of the eye.

These are the basics of the Bass family. You should be able to distinguish between the different members by their appearance. The jaw of each member will also help to tell them apart. You can be sure that the next world record bass will be a Florida strain bass and not a Suwannee bass. I hope this helps you to figure out what was on the end of that big fight in your favorite bassin’ waters.

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