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Other Stuff Happening

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Other Stuff Happening Empty Other Stuff Happening

Post by Trailrunner on Wed Mar 18, 2020 11:16 am

While we are concerned about this virus, other crap is happening around here too. There have been 3 shootings in the last week: the reported one in parking lot at Centro Laguna, another on Libramiento somewhere above Soriana, and another on carretera around El Baijo.

And now this from Semanario Laguna:
Drafting. - A van-type van was abandoned in the gap of the road known as La Cristina in Ajijic, the unit had the door open, the keys stuck and even some items inside, such as suitcases and clothes, the vehicle was reported to the authorities during the morning of Tuesday, May 17.

In response to the report, municipal police went to the site to verify the unit, since it was initially thought that there were people without life, a fact that was ruled out by the authorities who only found various items in the truck that had a license plate. Quebec, Canada.

The Winstar-type truck in dark blue was stuck in the part of the gap leading to the hill, the whereabouts of the owner being unknown. Mobility from Chapala was also present at the site, who with the help of a crane removed the unit to be taken to the corralón waiting for the owner to appear.
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