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Erectile Dysfunction Cure

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Erectile Dysfunction Cure Empty Erectile Dysfunction Cure

Post by kiko on Fri Jul 31, 2020 11:09 am

The wife was complaining that her husband could no longer satisfy her. She demanded that he see a doctor. He goes to a series of medical specialists who can find nothing physically wrong but yet he is still is unable to achieve an erection. So he visits a witch doctor. The witch doctor puts a blue powder in the palms of his hands and blows the blue powder in the face of the man. He tells the man when you want an erection just say "123" and the erection will arrive greater than ever before. However, if you say "1234" then the erection will go away for one year. So be careful.

The man goes home and that night in bed he shouts out "123". And like magic the erection arrives. Then he wife turns to him and says:

"Why did you shout "123 for?"
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