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Washers and Dryers

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Washers and Dryers

Post by ferret on Mon May 21, 2012 9:38 pm

This is the second rental house that we've been in since we moved to Ajijic just over a year ago. Both times, the washers and dryers weren't functioning properly which is the reason for this post. A load of clothes should take no more than 40 minutes to dry. The agitator on the washing machine should actually agitate the clothes...your clothes shouldn't be doing the shimmy shimmy shake in the machine, they should be moving towards the agitator, down and back up in a counterclockwise direction.
These are easy fixes...the dryer problem is usually the thermostat and the washer agitator problem is a little doohickey (yeah I'm a girl) that needs to be replaced. Both fixed today for 1000 pesos including parts and labour. If you don't get them fixed, you're using excess electricity and gas every time you do laundry...your choice.
The repair place between Bruno's take out and the Truper store does a wonderful job.
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