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White People Being Harrassed by New AZ Law

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White People Being Harrassed by New AZ Law Empty White People Being Harrassed by New AZ Law

Post by Intercasa Thu Jul 01, 2010 12:04 pm

The state of Arizona continues to face criticism and lose business due to state Senate Bill 1070 which requires law enforcement to inquire as to one’s immigration status if there is “reasonable suspicion” that said person may be in the country illegally.

While immigrant rights organizations square off against their anti-illegal immigration foes in prolonged media and court battles, the real struggles are playing out in the streets, parking lots and public spaces of Phoenix with many instances of civil rights abuses already alleged.

Cindy Goldstein, a Phoenix resident, told The Daily Goat that she was walking out of a Wal-Mart Supercenter in Gilbert, Arizona on Friday night when she was approached by a municipality police vehicle.

“The cops pulled right up to me and asked to see my purse,” she said. ”When I gave it to them the officer in the passenger seat dug around in it briefly. Then he whispered to his partner before turning to ask me where my anti-depressant meds were. I was stunned by the question. I have been off generic Prozac for almost 3 weeks. But he said that without some evidence of American citizenship, they were required to detain me. Thankfully in my glovebox I had some recent Oxycontin refills from a back injury I suffered six years ago and some Neurontin for my Restless Leg Syndrome. If not for that proof of citizenship, I really think that they would have taken me in.”

Ms. Goldstein is not the only Phoenix resident to complain about the police’s enforcement of the “reasonable suspicion” law.

David Danielson, a long-time Chandler, AZ resident said that he was approached by police officers in an otherwise empty park where he was playing with his two children, ages 13 and 9, on Sunday.

“I noticed the officers watching me from a distance for a period of 5 minutes or so,” he said. I did not think much of it, but then they came over and asked what my kids were doing. I told them that Danny, my youngest, was trying to work his way across the monkey bars and Dennis was spinning himself senseless on that spinning disk thing. The officer looked at me really suspicious-like. Then he asked if my kids had an Xbox and I said, ‘No.’ At about that time the other officer reached for his handcuffs. I was stunned, but in a brief lucid moment, I blurted out that my kids ‘had a Playstation 2 and they like Madden 2006.’ Thank God I thought to say that. It seemed to set their minds at ease a bit. They walked about 15 feet away, spoke briefly and then just waved and told me to have a nice day. We were so lucky that my brother-in-law gave that to us when his kids got a Wii last summer.”

Across Arizona, there have been numerous other documented cases of harassment resulting from this law.

In Scottsdale, Tiffany Soren was walking outside after work heading over to the Blue Martini Lounge when she was stopped by police and asked where her iPod was. Thankfully she had her old second generation Shuffle with her buried deep in her purse.

Unfortunately, Lance Westin was not so lucky when he was stopped for wearing a pair of tailored True Religion Billy Embellished Bootcut jeans with a fitted Versace collection herringbone blue on blue striped shirt with rolled up sleeves, a white Aqua Swiss Anchor watch and a pair of Crocket & Jones British Compton’s with a silver buckle.

Said Mr. Westin, “They asked me all sorts of questions and I just had no good answers. No prescription drugs, no Netflix subscription, no iPhone, only two credit cards, a waist size 30 belt, and no blog…not even a simple Blogger hosted one. Ya know, I knew before I went out that I was pressing my luck walking through Tempe on a nice afternoon looking like that, but you never think it is going to happen to you. Heck, I don’t blame them for taking me in. There was nothing American about me. I was just grateful that they let me go when my mom brought in my Michael Jackson Thriller album and my 1987 little league baseball trophy that my parents kept in my old bedroom at their place.”

Help for these harassed Arizona citizens could be on the way. During an Ecuadorian interview in mid-June, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton indicated that the Obama Administration would sue the State of Arizona, but it remains unclear whether the federal government can ultimately stop Arizona’s “reasonable suspicion” law. Until then, Phoenix area retailers are telling The Daily Goat that they anticipate continued high demand for elastic waistband pleated khakis, Fiji bottled water and Barry Manilow wall posters.
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