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Post by Mainecoons Thu Jun 28, 2012 3:18 pm

I thought this was pretty funny. And has more than a little truth to it when you read the local message boards.

A still developing government study by the US department of unnecessary expensive studies has resulted in the following:

What a lovely lake ---- It is polluted
Why don't they sail on it----- It is muddy and too shallow
These streets are so quaint------ I almost broke my legs
Those speed bumps are a brilliant way to save $$------- WD@YLG stupid $%&/()s
I love the sounds and smells-------- I can't sleep with all this crap going on
It certainly was easy to get passed customs------- Red TAPE CAPITAL!!!!
I love the restaurants here------- My favorite place closed down
LOOK everything is in Spanish------- I can't find anything and no one will help me
No one seems as harried as they do at home ------- No one shows up, absolutely no one
You can drive anyway you want------ These people are NUTS!
They even have a walmart------ shopping in walstupid is like sinking in quicksand
They have a store that sells all US products------- I spent $43.00 us dollars on some stupid cereal and syrup
they say it only rains at night------- I was soaked this morning when I took the dog out
I don't see any crime!------ They stole the seats out of my car and I was still in it
I learned so much from reading the forums------- My G-D half the people don't live here and have never been here
You pay almost nothing for plumbers------- My plumber is actually a bad house painter
You pay almost nothing for a doctor------- He said my blurry vision is caused by gas
I have never seen so many great foods at these stands------- I was so sick that I thought I would die
My real estate agent is such a dear friend-------- He hasn't the slightest idea what I told him I wanted
Everyone has offered to help me get settled-------- They all have their hands out
the police are very helpful ------- one of them stole everything we have.

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