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Capula, Michoacan

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Capula, Michoacan Empty Capula, Michoacan

Post by CheenaGringo on Tue Aug 28, 2012 11:06 am

One of our favorite villages to visit in Michoacan is Capula and we never miss going there during our visits to the area. As you will see from the map below, Capula lies off the highway that goes from Morelia to Quiroga:
[img]Capula, Michoacan Capula10[/img]
One needs to know just where the turnoff is since the sign for the turnoff has now been missing for a couple of years. The road into Capula can only be described as primitive at best and the village is a step back in time.

In general, Capula is known for pottery but more specifically for the artisans who produce "Catrinas". Most Catrinas are produced from the red clay found in the area and are not high fired. This makes them very fragile and transporting them home in one piece can be a real challenge! Any protruding arms, hands or legs are the most vulnerable to breakage. We purchased two at the Artisan Coop this trip and packed them using shredded polyester encased in polyester batt and then wrapped in bubble wrap. They were hand carried on the plane and we still experienced some minor breakage that requires some very careful gluing.
15.5" tall Catrina - $150MXN:
[img]Capula, Michoacan Dscn4511[/img]
17" tall Catrina - $180MXN:
[img]Capula, Michoacan Dscn4512[/img]

SLIDESHOW of the village and assorted Catrinas:

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