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Possible New Proceedure for TIP's

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Possible New Proceedure for TIP's

Post by CheenaGringo on Wed Mar 27, 2013 10:57 am

Like so many things in Mexico, differing proceedures are often implimented in different areas. I ran across this one this morning re: TIP's (Temporary Import Permits):

"Today! The real skinny on the car import permit from...

by casamanzana @, Monday, March 25, 2013, 23:28 (1 day, 6 hours, 55 min. ago)

...yes! finally the horses mouth---Aduana. Many thanks for the efforts of our property manager Almendra we are told we have the very first honest-2-goodness car permit renewal under the new micracion system in Zihua. If you have a USA plated car down here then this is the ticket to keeping it Aduana says-
Here is what I call “Renew Your Import Car Permit Basic 101”. This whole posting is based on my conversation with the Aduna official today in LazCard at the customs port office who is incharge of this import renewal stuff.
First you need to know that the minute you sign for your new RESIDENTE/TEMP or PERM micracion card your vehicle importation permit is dead…expired on the spot. Mine expired while waiting for the new migracion card to arrive, and you HAVE to have it to get the extension. The very helpful head of this renewal operation in LazCard is Salvador Sanchez Ariaz. His biz email address is . His cell phone: 753-533-3201. He says to tell you that to speak English slowly and he will be able to help you. This guy is very professional and expect no games…he is all about getting you in and out.
He says everyone…read EVERYONE …who has a car and gets a new ‘residente’ card under the new system is required to renew this car importation permit or risk loosing your car either temporarily or maybe peminately. The ZIH airport, for a while, tried to issue an import renewal but they did not have the process correct so those are now invalid. LazCard is the ONLY place to get your permit renewed!
Here’s the process right from the horse’s mouth-
1-call to make an appointment so he doesn’t have a bunch of people show at once
2- show up at the guard gate 20 minutes before the appointment and call him that you are there so he can get a Aduana Police escort to take you to his office (see my pix #1 what the gate looks like and #2 the follow-the leader escort)…you will just follow the guard in your car. The guard will wait and escort you back to the gate when finished.
3- bring with you a list on one sheet of paper -
>your passport #
>the VIN of your vehicle
>your full name
>the location of origin (California eg.)
>the status of your new migracion card (temp or perm)
>the make & model of your vehicle

>your old permit #
4- bring with you, in color, one copy of-
>your passport photo page
>your registration
>your ownership title/pink slip
>your new resident card
>your old vehicle import permit
There is no fee for this renewal
I received a temporary extension paper to keep in my car at all times until the new windshield sticker arrives via mail to my home address here in Ziha. As I choose the 3 year plan, I will be good to go for the next 3 years berore I need to address this import thing again.
He said I was the very first one to comply with the new regulations and that he was puzzled at why others have not been in to get the renewed permit. He says the guard escort and the process I had was going to be the standard operation procedure for all to comply….we will all do it this way........

This has no bearing on the need to nationalize a vehicle for permanent resident status:
"Thanks to Debra Mione, U.S.Consular Agent in Ixtapa, I missed pointing out that if you choose to take permanent resident status, you are required to go beyond just an import permit. In this case you are required to import the entire car and use Mexican plates. This re-plating process location can not be done anywhere near here. AND for this process your car must not be over 10 years old...yes, you guessed will be required to buy a newer car is their solution. Debra is waiting for this information and where to get a letter to carry on your trip to?..."

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