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ROOF SPECIFICATIONS - Have your Contractor do it the Right Way- It can Last up to 10 Years

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ROOF SPECIFICATIONS - Have your Contractor do it the Right Way- It can Last up to 10 Years

Post by johninajijic on Sun Oct 24, 2010 3:42 pm

Between October and early May is the time to redo your roof or make roof repairs.
Here is what you need to ask your Contractors so they bid apples to apples and you will get a good quality job. November thru early May is the best weather for roof work. Weather and surfaces MUST be dry.

1. Scrape, grind all loose material and rough areas. Acid wash the roof.
Clean using a power washer, otherwise Fester Acriton will not adhere.

2. Check all loose roof tiles. Remove loose roof tiles, inspect for cracks, repair
and recement roof tiles.

3. IMPORTANT: Put a very thin concrete only cement wash over the roof tiles,
otherwise the Fester Acriton will not bond.

4. Apply Fester Festerbond to roof. (This is a high quality bonding agent and sealer)

5. Apply a thinned down coat of Fester Acriton 10 year guarantee material to the roof.
Lay the Membrane into this Fester Acriton. Put on another full coat of Fester Acriton.

6. Apply 5 more coats of Fester Acriton as it comes from the bucket, without
thinning, on the roof on different days, allowing each coat to dry.

7. Your Contractor should give you a minimum 7 year Guarantee and better yet, it should
be a 10 year Guarantee. You should check his references and talk to others he has
done roofs for.

Use only FESTER ACRITON. Don't accept cheap substitutes.

MAESTRO - Construction - Remodel - Roofs - Tile - Pools - Painting - 27 years experience
(He has done work for 10 of us in Los Arroyos Sur for 5 years and I have recommended him to people on who are very happy. He actually Guarantees his work.)
Francisco Villa # 11 - Ajijic
Tel: 766 2327
Cell ph: 045 333 150 9031
see his website:
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