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Optometrist Recommendation / Guad

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Optometrist Recommendation / Guad Empty Optometrist Recommendation / Guad

Post by Sherman Sat May 11, 2013 11:34 am

for those who are interested in going to Guad and/or have not had good results lakeside....

Marcos Antonio Calderon
Av Juan Palo mar y Arias 418 Local B
Colonia Vallarta Universidad

email calderonmac at hotmail dot com (

Tel 3629 6838 / 3849 5893
(better to call than email. The reception people speak enough English.)

After trying lakeside for several years to get a prescription that really matched my eyes, I used Marcos in Guad.
He was raised in the states and professionally trained there. He is in business with his father, who is an opthamologist in the US, but Marcos has a shop here and spends most of his time here because he married to a woman from Guadalajara.

His business is about a mile from the Galerias / CostCo mall. So, if you don't drive to Guad, but take the 'shopping' bus, Marcos is an easy taxi ride from the shopping center.

When I went to him, I bought my frames at CostCo and bought lens from him.
Lens prices are competitive with lakeside, including for progressive lenses.
He did the exam and checked the glasses for accuracy when they came back from the lab. He said many of the problems with the glasses is from the lab work.

For eye medical exams, I use Dr. Vargas, an ophthalmologist, who comes to Ajijic Clinic. He's fine for the medical exam, but has not spent the time necessary in working on the prescription (he does not sell glasses, so that's not to be expected).

If you have any specific questions, you are welcome to send me a PM.


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