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My experience today with the Bazar on Pepe Gazar. Was I off base?

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My experience today with the Bazar on Pepe Gazar. Was I off base?

Post by Clueless on Fri Jun 09, 2017 8:06 pm

I would appreciate some candid input rather than flames.

I have been dealing with the Bazar since they opened. I have bought some things and given them things to sell. I once bought a GPS that ended up not working so I just took the loss.

The wife and my wife got along great, always talking. I got alone well with both the wife and her husband who speaks conversational English. Everything was going good.

A couple of months ago, I brought a nice Lenovo laptop in to sell. I cleaned the H.D. There was one problem for me and that was only one of the USB ports were working. I put black electrical tape over the other USB ports and told the Husband of the issue.OK, no problem.

It A month later I stopped in and was told a student had given a deposit on it but needed more time to pay. I said fine.

A couple of weeks ago I came in and asked if the student had paid. I was told yes, but that the husband didn't keep much cash around so he would get it from the bank and told me when to come back. That was fine.

I came back a week later and was told the student hadn't paid the balance. OK, I'm confused.I asked for the computer back.

Husband said the student had it. So I asked if he had ANY money. "No." He said come back in a week and I did; that was today.

He had my computer back. Fine. But now the problem.

He said the student said the HD was "broken." It worked fine when I brought it in, but I figured WTF, I'll just take it and go.But the husband was working on it. I asked him what he was doing. He said he was installing a "new" hard drive. He said that the student bought a "new" HD and wanted ME to pay for it (take it off the price).

This is where he and I parted company.

I said I wouldn't do that. No one asked me (they have our phone #); I didn't authorize that, etc. He said the student needed the computer and he (Husband) knows him and he is honest, etc.

Sidebar: Over the last few years, I have pretty much come to accept that the Mexican and NOB cultures, values, ethics can differ greatly. I have also tried to put aside the "It's the principle of the thing" attitude I have held for a long time here. But this was too much.

The upshot was I said I just wanted my computer back. He wasn't happy and there was a negative overtone to the remainder of our conversation. No rised voices, we just both had different ideas of how business matters should be handled.

He finally told me to take my computer and that "I wasn't going to last lone in Mexico." I replied that I have lived and learned over the last 13+ years and am doing fine.

Took my computer and exited stage left. End of what had been I thought a win/win business connection.

Input? Constructive criticism?


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