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Update on Cocinart

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Update on Cocinart

Post by gringal on Sat Jun 06, 2015 1:37 pm

Since it's about a block away from our house in central Ajijic, we welcomed the opening of a new restaurant in what used to be the Red Piano building.  It's next door to the very visible sign of "Kiss My Glass", which some folks with a stick up their posteriors object to, but which is really a very nice store with a variety of glass items.  Worse yet for the stick people is that next door to that is Wilde's Dildoria, for which I have no further comment.

Meanwhile, we heard that the whole building, which also includes a coffee and dessert shop around the corner, is owned by an uncle of Cocinart's restaurant proprietors.  The chef used to work at Pedro's and his wife at the old 60's in Paradise hamburger heaven.  The great advantage of eating there is the combination of very well prepared food and reasonable prices.  Most daily specials are under 90 pesos.  Hamburgers, which are thick, juicy and accompanied by salad and little red potatoes are right up there with the best in town, and are only 55 pesos.  Spouse had one today and gave it the top award.  For the same price, you can have a lamburger, a vegetarian Portobello burger, or you can have a heaping plate of great spaghetti.

Parking in that area can be difficult, but if you keep going and turn left at the corner to go into the Malecon parking area, there's plenty, and that's only a block away.

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