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St. Remy du Lac is Bac(k)

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St. Remy du Lac is Bac(k) Empty St. Remy du Lac is Bac(k)

Post by manymoonsago on Wed Jan 04, 2017 10:30 am

For those of us who are fans: St. Remy du Lac must be back! A full page ad on Guadalajara Reporter for NY Eve dinner + this recent entry on TOB:

"I searched St. Remy and found this (as Pulelehua stated a Nov post) " The route we took: Turned off the carretera onto Las Flores (Don Pedro restaurant, French Bakery, new brew shop) heading makai ( toward the Lake.) Turned right at Ocampo. Passed the Panteon on the right. Turned left onto San Pedro (first street to left after the Panteon.) Kept driving until we noticed a newly painted wall (smashing tangerine color) and turned right onto a no-sign (LOL) street. A young man was working outside #10 A and we inquired if a restaurant would be opening there? Yes. St. Remy? Yes! When? Aiming for November 16. The FB page for St. Remy du Lac also has "directions" (click on "about") and gives the street address of Calleon San Francisco #10 which on Google Earth matches the above findings (do not use "search" as it will send you to Riberas; just negotiate to the neighborhood using the above directions and look for a U-shaped street east of where Urea dead-ends.. There seem to be more than one FB page so be sure to open the page that includes the SF address and has a photo of plated foie gras. Two phone numbers given: 376-766-0607 and 331-603-7343"

Unusual location but another post notes the new location has its own parking lot. Their Facebook page gives the hours as
noon to 11 pm.
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