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Only in Mx? Probably not. My auto v auto end result.

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Only in Mx? Probably not. My auto v auto end result. Empty Only in Mx? Probably not. My auto v auto end result.

Post by Clueless Tue Jan 24, 2017 7:06 pm

"Those who do not learn from their mistakes, are doomed to make them again."

Several years ago I felt I had some $$ wrongfully taken from me and so when I felt I had no other choice, I went into "the system" here in Mexico. Got an attorney, filed a lawsuit, etc. All by the book.

I spent 10X the amount of the alleged theft until I finally did it the Mx. way and greased the wheels.

Yesterday, I forgot that lesson when I was involved in an accident that could have easily resulted in my death.

So at the scene, ambulance and all, and etween one cop who spoke minimal English and the other side, I got told to sign it was my fault and walk away (couldn't drive my car).

I had forgotten the lesson from several years past and stood on the principle that I was not in the wrong. Tow truck came and everyone said I should take the easy way out, "admit" wrong, my insurance would pay damage to the other car (has to be major pesos, near new something) and I pay my own damage. Not me! I was legally right. That leftover NOB crapola.

Told to go this morning to some office in Chapala; paperwork would be there at 1000. So I went.

I had spent into the wee-hours making a diagram, printing pictures, etc. Early this morning I went and took a photo of the speed limit (40 kph) sign and mapped out the course of the car and taped the distance from the POI (Point Of Impact). Then I found a kinetic energy equation to approximate the speed of the other car at time of impact and how far it went after that. My equation showed 72kph.

So get to the office and the chief (he was at the accident scene) told me the matter had already been sent to Guadalajara for decision. I said, "What about my evidence?"

He said the other driver had been cited for excessive speed (so much for my playing "Mr. Math Wizard." Then then said it appeared the "nose" of my car was slightly over the side limit line of the road,and so the other car had the right of way. I was told that under Mx. law, had I been hit dead center of the car ""T" Boned, I would have had the right of way. But considering that I was driving a VW Safari, I would have been "dead right."

BTW, my Spanish speaking wife helped on this and the guy I was talking with seemed to understand English pretty well, but didn't speak it with us.

I was then offered some options. No point of going through them since ultimately, only one made sense and was the most realistic. That's when the light bulb went on.

So I signed admitting fault, the other driver was there w/his insurance adjuster as was mine, and in appreciation, I made a donation to the police retirement fund.

After I signed, I went over the the other guy, a kid in his early 20s who spoke some English, and said, "We both need to be more careful when we drive." We shook hands.

The best part is that no one suffered physical injury, though I had to be asked at least 6-10 times if I was physically alright. They seemed to want me to say I had some physical issues, but I remembered if there are injuries, everyone is "detained." The other guy also said he had no physical issues. He is Mexican.

By the time I have my car returned to better than before, I'll probably be into it around $50,000. The other guy has a deductible of $300,000. No typo.

I have a large number of pictures I took, and then I went to get my car today, the other car was a few feet away.

So I mark it off to "tuition" in "Mexico 101."

I won't forget my lesson this time.

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