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Post by LCS NOTICES Wed Apr 01, 2020 6:14 pm

LCS Update Bulletin V {way too much information}
April 1, 2020

Recent guidelines from the Mexican government, The Lake Chapala Society campus will remain closed and all in-person programs, services, and events will be suspended through April 30. 2020. We will be sending weekly LCS Update Bulletins. Please read these LCS Bulletins for dependable sources of information on the coronavirus, check the LCS website and Facebook for online classes, discussion groups, links to the online programs, and other reliable online resources.
We caution that there are a lot of rumors spreading through social media, many which are not true and create unnecessary stress, anxiety and fear for people. Before sharing, we encourage researching through credible sources. We have provided some links at the end of this Bulletin.

This LCS Update Bulletin is broken down into 4 sections.
1. Helpful Links
2. Community Outreach
3. Education Opportunities
4. Emergency Planning Program
Helpful Links—resources to make sure your information is accurate
LCS prides itself on providing timely and reliable information, especially now that we are experiencing these times of uncertainty.  Please note the links at the end of this Bulletin and our updates that will be posted on the LCS Website.

Community Outreach – staying in touch
A week ago, LCS reached out to its members to create the LCS Reaching Out Program. We are very proud and thankful to the 87 people who said: “yes, I want to volunteer with this initiative.”  So far, we have 23 companions who are being contacted daily in which we are asking “are you okay?”  We encourage you to sign up to receive a daily check in from this program, to register - Click Here - As we all start to hear of friends in the community who are impacted by the coronavirus, we believe the need will increase.  As community leaders, we have also extended this program to the community at large. Going forward it is important for all community leaders to come together in new ways to help address this crisis.

Educational Opportunities – Keep your mind busy

Thanks to the efforts of several volunteers and staff, we have several Zoom classes and groups taking place. These include:
•         Conversational Spanish or English as a Second Language groups – contact our Director of Education, Alfredo for more information.
•         Tech Training and Tech Support – see ad below and email    

Online Learning Opportunities – the world is at your fingertips
YouTube! Almost 5 billion videos are watched on YouTube every day. Go to and in the search field enter any topic you may have interest in and there will be a wealth of videos for you to watch. From learning opportunities, to exploring those places you always wanted to visit, the options are limitless. Go and explore.
Apps! There are many resources and Apps available for keeping in touch such as Zoom.US which is how we handle our online meetings and trainings. There are free account levels that allow you to communicate regularly with family and friends here in the community and back in your family’s homeland.

Other Apps available include: FaceTime, Marco Polo, Skype, WhatsApp, SnapChat, Google Duo and many more. Explore your phone's App Store. See next week’s Tech class ad below for help with some of these programs.

Emergency Planning Program – invest time now.
For years we have had what has been referred to as our Post Life Program or Emergency Planning Program. Laws and procedures here in Mexico may be different than your former country. Why not be prepared.
We have a handy booklet and an application form that you can easily fill out and we will keep on file. How much information you disclose is completely up to you and will only be used to serve you in a time of need. We have a link to our booklet and the form here. This is a great time to enroll or update your information. Emergency Planning & Post Life Completed forms can be scanned and emailed back to . If you are out for a safe walk, you can also drop the form off, in an envelope, through the Book Return slot on the office side of LCS.

Informative Links

Consulate of Canada   US Embassy Mexico
Jalisco Coronavirus Mexico Federal Government

Johns Hopkins COVID-19  
                                                 Jalisco March 25 Statement
World Health Organization
                                                Jalisco Prensa Noticias en Espanol
CDC COVID-19                                                                    Mexico Federal Government        
For access to books online – check out this link:    National Emergency Lending Library

For LCS information
Donations to LCS – all donations during this time of need, keeps our organization going. Thank You!
Renew or extend your Membership – with the favorable exchange rate, save right now by adding years to your membership.
LCS Conecciones Monthly Magazine - Conecciones is our monthly magazine in English and Spanish. Filled with wonderful articles.
LCS Website home – most up to date Campus information.

Local Food Bank efforts – hunger has always been an issue for many local Mexican Communities. If you would like to support Operation Feed, operated by Viva Mexico Restaurant based out of San Juan Cosala – please visit their site for more information. Our hat is also off to Paola de Watterlot – and a handful of volunteers who are currently working to establish a new food bank for members of the Mexican Community here in Ajijic If you have experience or want to offer support for this effort please call Paola at 331-520-4173 or Larry and Glorine Barnhardt at 376-766-4936..

We are receiving many emails from people with ideas of things to do. We do appreciate people’s thoughts. There is one test we put every idea through: is it something that can be done safely, and not put people at direct risk? While we would love to open the library, or start up a foodbank, or a meals program, or home delivery of medications or groceries, or do home visits, we must run these through this test question first. So many of us have given time in our life to help others, or act as community organizers through various groups we have been a part of. Almost all of these efforts have involved face to face interactions, often with groups of people and volunteers. Everything about this virus is challenging our past ways of getting involved. We take our leadership role in the community very seriously. We are committed to helping the community through this challenge of a lifetime. We are discussing and putting thought into the next steps as the pandemic seeps into our community and changes all of our lives. We are simultaneously talking about our role in rebuilding the community when that time comes. Several of us have experience from the past in strategic planning, crisis management and even pandemic recovery.

As we scour through our past and learn from those who have invested their life in research, we know that the best way to lessen the spread of coronavirus is to encourage everyone to stay in your home and when you must go out, practice social distancing. Do not invade another person’s space. Wash your hands frequently, do not touch your face. More than anything else these are the things that can have the biggest impact on slowing the progress of this virus here in our community.
Stay Safe, Stay Healthy!

Carole Wolff Steve Balfour
President Executive Director

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