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Posts about Dental Experiences

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Posts about Dental Experiences

Post by CheenaGringo on Wed Jul 17, 2013 1:35 pm

Disclaimer: This post is not directed at any one post or member.

When reading dental experience posts on this and other forums, I have to wonder if the dentists in Mexico are getting shortchanged. All so often, posts seem to be oriented strictly towards pricing and rarely have much to say about the methods and attitudes of the Mexican dental profession in general.

Based upon Kathy's experiences in dealing with two specialists in Guadalajara, there was a marked difference in attitudes shown. For example, she visited a dentist NOB prior to visiting the two specialists - the NOB dentist wanted to pull 10 teeth replacing them with either implants or partials whereas the Mexican specialists were more concerned with saving as many teeth as possible through a well presented treatment plan. Kathy chose to follow their plan even though she was apprehensive about pain and discomfort. As it turned out, she experienced neither and came away impressed by their techniques and concern. She went through a full week of daily treatment and was asked to return after six months for a follow-up checkup. It was only then that they determined that only one tooth hadn't responded to treatment and had to be extracted. She now has a healthy mouth and has made a commitment to herself that she will return for a checkup and cleaning each trip we make to Mexico.

To her, the quality of care and the result are the most positive aspects of her experience and the very reasonable costs are an added plus. Our thanks go out to Dr. Eloy Barragan of Chapala who made the referrals after viewing her NOB x-rays which we sent via email!

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