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Security Meeting Hotel Real 5pm Tues 29th

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Security Meeting Hotel Real 5pm Tues 29th Empty Security Meeting Hotel Real 5pm Tues 29th

Post by lakeside7 on Mon Oct 28, 2019 9:27 am

I have received a call from Hector to say that there will be a "important" meeting on security with "important" members from Guadalajara at The Hotel Real Chapala at 5pm on Tuesday 29th Nov.

Hector seems to be trying to contact leaders of various civic groups, Shriners, Legion, etc etc., to attend and bring along any members, residents etc who have experienced a "problem"

Now how meaningful this meeting will be (or if it will happen) who knows, but I pass this information on to you.

Is there a more organised criminal gangs in the area? It is the season to be more vigilant as we approach Christmas that is for sure, and the time that crime spikes.

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