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Disaster predicted - reprinted from Laguna newspaper

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Disaster predicted - reprinted from Laguna newspaper Empty Disaster predicted - reprinted from Laguna newspaper

Post by HarryB Wed Oct 06, 2021 11:35 am



May 28, 2019EditorAjijicComments Off on In view of everyone building on stream in Ajijic

According to Urban Development, construction is in order, while the General Secretariat claimed to notify CONAGUA of what happened.

Armando Esquivel.– A stone and cement canal over a stream, located in La Canacinta, is being built by a group of real estate developers who seek to fill the area with houses to make “Alebrijes Coto Ajijic” a reality , a subdivision that already offers sale of spaces.

The discontent of the residents about the unfeasibility of putting the channel of a stream in a canal, has not affected the director of Urban Development of the Chapala City Council, Enrique Fernando Rivas Villanueva, who reported that said construction is in order and they have a study hydrological.

In addition, he assured that the federal zones are being respected and denied that it is an ornament to give a view to the future private preserve.

However, due to pressure from neighbors, coupled with the fact that the work is being carried out in full view of all, it has forced the delegate of the population, Juan Ramón Flores, to separate himself from the situation, saying that the construction on the stream is not a subject in him has authority, reason why he gave notice to the municipality.

However, the municipal authorities have contradicted themselves, because on the one hand the Director of Urban Development assured that the project is legal, while the Secretary General, Sergio Cuevas Elvira, allegedly filed a complaint with the National Water Commission (CONAGUA) in order to to go to the area for verification. It should be noted that the copy of the alleged brief was not delivered to this editorial office.

Meanwhile, the National Water Commission, Jalisco delegation, has not received the fourth transformation, since your phone in the Guadalajara offices can only hear a switch that does not connect with anyone.

In the area there are two stone walls almost two meters high, forming a gutter one and a half meters wide and following a row of more than 20 meters long in the direction of the hill. The construction in which there are also trunks of a cut tree, can be seen from the road, so it is in view of citizens and public officials.

For his part, the director of Ecology Chapala, José Guadalupe Jaime Ibáñez, could not do anything other than hearings in which the employees of the work said they had permission from the authorities, which turned out to be true.

When speaking to the National Water Commission, but now in Mexico City, we again met the switch, but this time there was contact, although with the department of complaints and citizen service that could do nothing more than channel to the Secretariat of the Federal Public Function, which does not have any power to address the issue; while the Ministry of the Environment and Territorial Development also washed its hands, leaving the issue in the hands of CONAGUA.

For now, there remains the concern of the residents of the area when considering that in the rainy season the canal will overflow with the water that comes down from the hill.

In images obtained from 2017, the hand of man can be contrasted against nature, imposing "development" on natural areas.

Occupying or taking advantage of vessels, channels, canals, federal zones, protection zones and other assets referred to in Article 113 of the National Water Law, without the concession title, carries a penalty of 5,001 to 20,000 minimum wages.

The before and after the intervention of the real estate

Workers and heavy machinery are found in the area

The wall is built over the stream

For neighbors, the wall represents an overflow risk

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