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Minerva microbrews from Guad.

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Minerva microbrews from Guad. Empty Minerva microbrews from Guad.

Post by Zedinmexico Tue Feb 28, 2012 9:37 am


Walmart is selling Minerva Imperial Stout. This is like Guiness or Murphy's. About $120P/six pack. Wish they would bring down there PaleAle
by the hot season. The pale ale is quite good but they sell as much as they make so we don't get it oh well. The stout while not quite as
good as the benchmark it is better for example than Deshutes Brewers in Bend Oregon Stout. Which ain't bad. Nice in cool weather to have
a stout. If you don't know what a stout taste like it is like a porter only darker. Stout for some folks is an aquired taste. Me I would drink it
every day if I could afford it.

Minerva is a microbrewery in Guad. If you want to try first go to El Figon in Ajijic. They have lots of microsbrews.


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Minerva microbrews from Guad. Empty Re: Minerva microbrews from Guad.

Post by CheenaGringo Tue Feb 28, 2012 10:19 am

Having never heard of Minerva, I did a bit of research. One quite interest article:
"A new beer is brewing up controversy in Mexico.

Malverde Beer is named after Jesús Malverde, a Robin Hood-style figure from 19th-century Mexican folklore who is revered by drug smugglers in the western state of Sinaloa.

Historians are unsure whether Jesús Malverde existed in real life. Legend has it he was born in the late 1800s and embarked on a life of crime in Sinaloa, robbing from the rich and giving to the poor during the reign of Mexican dictator Porfirio Díaz.

The beer debuted in April and has spread to bars around western Mexico. Its maker plans to sell it in the USA. Civic groups in Sinaloa have criticized the beer, and Wal-Mart of Mexico has refused to stock it.

The beer's maker, the small Minerva Brewery in Guadalajara, donates 1% of its profits to a chapel dedicated to Malverde in the city of Culiacán. The company says the beer is not meant to glamorize the drug trade.

"We're just trying to honor a Mexican legend, that's all," said Jesús Briseño, the brewery's general manager.

Over the decades, admirers began attributing miracles to him and building shrines in Sinaloa, though the Roman Catholic Church rejects the practice.

Briseño said he got the idea for the beer after visiting Malverde's chapel.

It's not Minerva's first publicity stunt. In 2006, the company made headlines when it produced 24,000 bottles of Duff Beer, named after Homer Simpson's favorite brew in the U.S. TV series The Simpsons. ...........

Two other articles with info on this company:

By the way for those of you that remember, there was a microbrewery from Tlaquepaque that had a brief run in the Lake area. I was talking to their former landlord in Tlaquepaque and they bailed out of there too. Seems that there was some sort of problem with the owner and employees sitting around all day drinking and lots of complaints from customers.

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