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New Restaurant in Chapala

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New Restaurant in Chapala Empty New Restaurant in Chapala

Post by Ms.Thang Sun Sep 23, 2012 9:47 am

Madero # 430 Chapala
(O44) 331 154 8257 or (044) 333 952 0809

Well there is a nice new restaurant in Chapala called 'Il Giardino" which I suspect means "El garden" in English. It has only been open about three weeks now and we have been there several times.

It is a very charming place, open air ,very reasonably priced, great service and tasty food. The seating is placed on 3 levels built up on the side of the hill (easy climb, even to the top). Most of the tables have umbrellas or little palapas over them. The tier at the very top is away from the street noise and the music being played sometimes on the bottom level, always has a nice breeze and a nice view of the street activity.
Bring your mosquito repelant, the restaurant backs up to a wooded lot and the little critters will eat you alive in the late afternoon, which is when we always go. If I am there you won't have to worry about it because they will all head straight for me...Ha!

They have two wood fired ovens and right now their menu consists of Pizza, wings, nachos with real cheddar, hamburgers, a delicious wood oven baked panela that is served with flat bread (pizza crust) and they will soon be adding lasagna and maybe some other italian fare. I suggested eggplant parmasan but he was not familiar with it and asked me for the recipe! I don't cook things like that so I couldn't oblige. Salad is not on the menu but you can ask for it . The salad is your basic iceberg lettuce with tomato and cucumber but with all those pizza toppings they could create something special for you. Pizzas range from 80 to 120 pesos for a medim (12" ?) pizza that is just right for two people...well, just right for us two people because we always get salad with it. The pizzas are very thin crust unless you ask for something else, all the usual toppings and the mushrooms are fresh (we ask for extra). They will bend over backwards for you ...even the bottled iced tea was served with a frosted mug!
There are some other things on the menu but I don't remember what and I don't remember how much other things cost but like I said...reasonable. Dang, I suck at restaurant reviewing but I really would like this place to succeed. I think it will be, it is already quite popular with Mexican families.
The hosts are so gracious and eager to please, they have several english speakers on staff. The restaurant is located on the main street in chapala on the hillside between the restaurant " La Lena" and a little store that sells "stuff" (bird cages, kitchen stuff and other stuff) .

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