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Mexican game Pogs

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Mexican game Pogs Empty Mexican game Pogs

Post by kiko on Thu Oct 31, 2019 11:50 pm

I got into a match with an 8 yr old in Michoacan today playing Pogs. These small discs are about the size of a .50 USD coin that you get in bags of chips. The kids throw a pile of these discs on the sidewalk and then take turns at throwing a single disc down into the pile. With each throw, some of the discs are removed from the pile. Later I googled it up and the American version of Pogs was not the same as we played today. I held my own despite stupid of the rules. You are never too old to have a second childhood.

Can someone fill me in on the details on how this game is played in Mexico? What is this game called in Mexico?
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